Shepherd of Hermas, cross-reference table

February 11, 2011

Anyone reading the Apostolic Fathers, and the Shepherd of Hermas in particular, or trying to identify references in Hermas, will soon discover that there are two reference systems in play. There is an older system using sections, chapters, and verses, and a newer system that uses only chapters and verses. The verse numbers are the same, but there is no way to convert between the section/chapter references and the new chapters system. After spending too much time attempting to identify such references, I decided it was time to create a cross-reference table to facilitate easier identification of references. The SBL Handbook of Style specifies the older system, but at least some Bible software programs (e.g., Accordance) use the newer chapter system.

So for the legions of you 🙂 who need this sort of help, here’s a 2-page pdf that solves all your problems. (Well, at least all Hermas ref. problems!)


(The SBL Handbook of Style was at one time posted on the SBL website in pdf as a free download, but that is now restricted to SBL members who are logged in. Since it was posted publicly for some time, however, it can be found posted elsewhere now.)

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