Trinity Debate at Trinity

October 10, 2008

There was a debate last night at TEDS on the Trinity. I tracked Andy Naselli’s live blogging, and kept waiting for the live webcast to begin. My screen just said “Streaming Video Coming Soon…” so I assumed that they were having technical problems. Unfortunately, it was *me* that was having the problems and I didn’t realize the problem until almost half way through the debate! 🙁 Once I realized what was [not] happening, it took only two clicks… Unfortunately by that time I’d missed the heart of the debate. I tuned in near the end of Yandell’s opening presentation. I won’t try to summarize the debate since I didn’t hear enough of it. From the interaction at the end, it appeared to be Bible/Theology (Grudem & Ware) versus philosophy (Yandell & McCall). Here’s where you can find more information (there are surely other blogs, but I found these this morning):

Andy Naselli’s live blog

Nick Norelli’s assessment

Phil Gon’s question (asked at the debate) and his blog followup

Eventually the video from the debate will be edited and posted, but it will probably be several weeks before that is available. (If anyone knows differently or has a YouTube, etc link, please let me know. Since I missed the first half, I didn’t try to save the video from the last half.)

One response to Trinity Debate at Trinity

  1. There is now an article on Christianity Today worth reading on the debate.