Preaching and the Biblical Languages

October 27, 2012

At this year’s Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics in Houston I presented, at the request of the Council chairman (who is also my dean), a paper titled:

“Preaching and the Biblical Languages: Garnish or Entrée? Mellon or Mantra?”


I have since made a few revisions of that paper and post it here. The revision also includes a brief response to another paper on the same subject at the Council, one which takes a very different approach to the subject, arguing that pastors must teach their people Greek and Hebrew (indeed, the full exegetical process including textual criticism, etc.) so that they can be “spiritually mature.” That paper will be posted on Council website in due time when all the papers have been revised in light of the discussion engendered by our meeting in Houston.

One response to Preaching and the Biblical Languages