Typo in Danker’s CL

December 6, 2012

My students found a very unhelpful typo in Danker’s Concise Lexicon this morning.

συγγενενεῦσιν is listed alphabetically with the note that it is the dat pl form of συγγενής.

That spelling has an extra syllable repeated in the middle; it should be just συγγενεῦσιν.

Experienced readers might not even notice, but especially for first year students trying to puzzle out the meaning of Mark 6:4, it raises all sorts of questions as to why it’s spelled that way! It’s obviously a dat pl form in the text (it has a dat pl article!), but then why does the lexicon tell me that the dat pl is spelled differently?!

So make a note in your copy and avoid the frustration later. 🙂