Cross–Reference Index to Variant Numbering Systems for Josephus

February 23, 2013

(Particularly as used in Accordance)

The following tables give the numbering systems for Josephus as employed in the Accordance database. (They are also used elsewhere, but the index is based on Accordance.) The various Josephus modules in Accordance use different numbering systems. The tagged Greek text (JOSEPH-T) follows the Loeb numbering, but the English translation (JOSEPH) adds a variation of the Whiston numbers. There is also a separate text in the Accordance Josephus module which includes only the Preface (προοίμιον) sections to each book (JOSINTR-T). Some of the longer ones are numbered separately using Greek numerals for the “verses” (these are chapter outlines for the book to follow), others are only one line titles for each of the books. There is only a Greek text for these sections, no English translation is included in Accordance.

This is a 29-pg. pdf draft edition, but I need to get it up before I lose track of it; I hope to have the time to finish editing and cross-checking the document, but if not, I think what’s here is useful enough to post.