The Importance of Writing

August 9, 2013

An interesting and helpful article that discusses the importance of writing–something that is sadly lacking in our world these days; here’s a clip from the last part of the essay (my emphasis):

Language in general and the written word in particular is the technology of thinking. When we write well, our naming and telling becomes precise and exact. We offer a clear picture of the world as we see it, because we actually see it clearly. When we write poorly, however, we are betraying that we have only a vague idea of the world. Murky writing is the invariable product of a foggy mind, of a mind that can neither name nor tell with exactness. People who cannot write clearly are not merely unable to say what they mean—they are unable to mean. Worse yet, they will derange the thought of anyone who attempts to take their writing seriously.

Kevin Bauder, “The Importance of Writing,” In the Nick of Time, August 9, 2013, pdf link