Amazon now lists my grammar, Reading Koine Greek

January 2, 2014

Amazon now lists my grammar, Reading Koine Greek: An Introduction and Integrated Workbook, Hardcover, $44.99, with an Amazon date of August 19, 2014. (I haven’t heard anything recently from the publisher regarding a release date; it was originally April, then June.)

ISBN-10: 0801039282

ISBN-13: 978-0801039287

(The Amazon link above, BTW, is not an affiliate link, so it’s “safe” to click it. There are no hidden links, IDs, or cookies attached, and I get no profit from you buying it via that link; this site is a ministry, not a sales point.)


Oh, BTW, the past few weeks I’ve done little else but work on final corrections/edits for the Mark volume in the Baylor Handbook on the Greek NT series. I received the MS back from the editor Nov 31 and it is due back to him very soon—hopefully next week. All the editorial “flags” have been addressed (lots of them!) and now I’m working on making sure everything is as consistent as possible. When the consistency check is finished, then one final proofing and it should be ready to go. Release for this book will likely be next fall (ETS/SBL confs). There may also be two other vols released at the same time: 2 Cor (Fredrick Long?) and Gal (David deSilva?).

2 responses to Amazon now lists my grammar, Reading Koine Greek

  1. Well, I can confirm that you have at least 1 pre-order!

  2. Make that two pre-orders!