In Memoriam: Richard W. Engle

March 10, 2014

Richard W. Engle
1933 — 2014

RWE Barb

Christian, OT scholar, pastor, mentor, friend, colleague

“Life is tough, but God is good—all the time.”

ThB, Baptist Bible Seminary; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary;
ThD, Grace Theological Seminary

d. 3/9/2014


L-to-R: Richard Engle, Rod Decker, Bill Arp

Dick and Bill joined the faculty at the same time and taught together at BBC and later at BBS (Dick in OT, Bill in NT) for 35 years until Dick retired in 2006. I was one of their (undergrad) students when they arrived on faculty, later worked as Dick’s student assistant/grader, and many years later I was privileged to become their colleague on the Seminary faculty.


At Dick’s retirement service in 2006 (as are the other pictures above) with his wife Barb

In the Preface to my forthcoming grammar (Reading Koine Greek: An Introduction) I wrote this:

One other prof deserves mention. Though he was not one of my language teachers, Dr. Richard Engle is one of the chief reasons why I persevered in Greek. He came to the classroom after ten years of pastoral ministry. In his theology and Bible classes I saw a blend of the biblical languages, theology, and ministry. He later became a Hebrew professor in seminary, but in his undergrad classes he convinced me that if I was serious about Scripture, I had to be serious about the biblical languages; I could not get by with lip service to the original text. He not only taught it, he modeled it. Dick’s example guided my attempt at a similar integration for the dozen years I spent in the pastorate and is the vision that I now try to communicate to my students who aspire to pastoral ministry.

A memorial service will be held at Heritage Baptist Church in Clarks Summit, Pa. on Tue., Mar 18 at 4 pm; visitation 2–4 pm.

One response to In Memoriam: Richard W. Engle

  1. I only had Dr. Engle for one class – Intro to OT, I think – but he really knew his stuff. He was a very likable and interesting teacher, and often funny, a lot like an OT Dr. Arp. One of my regrets is not taking Psalms with him. I will miss Dr. Engle dearly.