Rod’s health

April 16, 2014

As of Wed., April 3, both radiation and chemo treatments have been stopped as part of the treatment plan for Rod’s cancer. Over a year ago, we were told it was treatable but not curable. God in his infinite wisdom and grace has given us many blessings through that year but the cancer has continued to grow and spread due to its aggressive nature.

Rod is now on hospice and from a medical perspective looks like the cancer will take him home before long. Could God perform a miracle? Absolutely! Will he? Only he knows that. We continue to press on to serve him for any remaining time and strength he gives.

We covet and appreciate your prayers. The past few days have been stronger ones for Rod but his body is still showing signs of the cancer’s progress. He is not in pain for which we are praising God.

Our family is enjoying this time with Rod. We cry together, laugh together, and just cherish this time that God is giving us with a man who has led us, loved us, and encouraged us for many years. He exemplifies the one he’s served even through this time when life is drawing to a close.

God continues to be faithful and good even in times like these. Great is our God!

4 responses to Rod’s health

  1. Thanks for the update. I first met Rod in 1985. I came to Detroit Baptist Seminary to teach in the fall of 1983. I finished up my dissertation in around Oct of 84, and I believe that Rod contacted me early in 1985 about coming to a conference at his church in Caro on my dissertation topic. That conference/seminar was on April 8, 1985 — 29 years ago. Rod rounded up some unsuspecting pastors in the area 🙂 I still remember my surprise at seeing Rod’s library–I suspect it was 3 times the size of mine. And I thought I liked books! I was not surprised that Rod ended up moving toward a more academic career–and we are all the better for it.

    I always think of Rod as being an extremely nice person, not willing to say an unkind word about anyone. I have benefited greatly myself from his contributions–including computer stuff. We really enjoyed having him at our annual seminary lectures a few years ago and always looked forward to running into him at ETS.

    God bless to all of you, and we here at DBTS continue to pray much.

  2. Dr. Decker,

    You have been a supreme example to me of what it looks like to be a godly man, a thorough and competent scholar, and a brilliant combiner of linguistics and practical theology. While you taught me Greek, your person is what will stick with me more. I don’t know if you remember this, but I certainly do: On one of the first weekends after my family had moved to Clarks Summit in late summer of 1998, the seminary had a gathering at one of the professor’s houses. I don’t recall much from that night (as I was only 9!), but I do remember one thing: you made me a paper airplane, and it was the coolest one I’d ever seen! I never really have been able to make a paper airplane, much less such an excellent one like the one from that night! Thank you for your testimony of living a life for the Lord. May God be your Shepherd and Sustainer during these days.

  3. Dr. Decker, we have never met. We have interacted a few times here on your blog and I have enjoyed reading much of what you have written. That said, I am thankful for you and I am continuing to pray for you to this day. Thanks for your scholarship and your godly example.

    In Christ,

    Jason Alligood

  4. Thank you for the update on Rod. I am so proud to say Rod was my student, and I thank the Lord for bringing Rod (and Linda) into my life. I believe I learned as much, or more, from Rod as he did from me. I am also very thankful for his friendship and for the fellowship we have had over the years; our fellowship has involved a wide range of activities, all the way from our two families doing an overnight at a lake cabin to interacting with each other at academic conferences. To me Rod is a friend, example, and scholar. The Lord has used his work on the Greek New Testament in a wonderful way in the lives of many, and his publications will have a great influence on students, pastors, and scholars for many generations to come. I am praying for you, Rod, and for all of your family.

    With love and prayers,

    Ed Glenny