Update, 5/4/14

May 2, 2014

After several weeks of being largely confined to bed, I’m finally beginning to function a *bit* more normally. I’m still very weak, but can at least begin to process some content-heavier material. (For those aware of my oncologist’s request for a one-page “testimony” as to what is helping me cope, I actually finished it yesterday —though @ 4 pgs, not 1! (See below for link.) Pray that God will use it in his life.) I’m also regaining some appetite. Limited visitors from the area are fine, but contact my wife first to make sure that I’m awake and can handle them (833-7017). Emails are fine; please use rod period decker at g mail com.


If you’d like my wife’s perspective (she has been an invaluable help to me this past year and especially March-April 2014), see the following 1=page essay:


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    This is my experience. It is ongoing with its ups and downs. Just ant to thank you for your blogging even though we come from different views.