Our final promotion

May 25, 2014

Oh death, where is your sting? Death is swallowed up in victory.

It is through hurting hearts (the frail, selfish side of us) that I write this post to inform our dear friends that Rod has been promoted to glory. He is now absent from a body consumed by cancer and is at rest and present with the Lord. We hurt for our loss but are rejoicing that the battle is over and the victory won. God granted Rod the desires of his heart and he died as he lived. He was fearful of dishonoring God in the last days and I can praise God that he remained faithful to the one he loved and served to the end. He went peacefully in his sleep on May 25, 2014.

The children and I are doing as well as can be expected at this point. Even though we knew death was coming and inevitable for us all I don’t think we can ever be fully prepared when it actually happens. We feel God’s strength even in our tears as we cling to each other and talk through the “need to’s”, the plans, and laugh as we realize that it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t fit in his best suit to be buried. Rod was never a person who did things for show and we will honor that in his death. We talked much over the past couple years and the past few months especially and his (& our) desire is that all the focus will be put on God and Christ for his memorial service. Rod did not want any attention drawn to himself as a man or to anything he might have accomplished on earth. It was all done for God and to God goes the glory.

We all have lost a man of integrity, a man of humility, a man much wiser than even he knew but we’ve gained so much more in his death. Heaven is more real and our perspective of losing his earthly body is much different from what we thought. He has just begun life while we remain on earth to experience more suffering, death, and human perspectives. His goal in life was to lead people to the Word and understand that it makes a difference in how we live. If he has accomplished that in lives other than his own family then the honor goes to God for using a humble man as an instrument to carry that message. Rod would say, “Go deeper, don’t grieve for me but take what I’ve taught and grow more in tune with God.”

We as a family thank you for your prayers over the past months. God has answered even if we don’t know who you are. He continues to strengthen us and we plan to continue the legacy Rod left behind and serve to the end.

2 responses to Our final promotion

  1. This was one of my beloved profs at Calvary Bible College, and that was with him being my Greek professor. He was a true scholar. A wonderful servant I always appreciated how he reached out to all of the students, particularly us Greek students. He opened his home over the holidays to students, had pie nights, pancake breakfasts, he was of the few professors to attend almost every CBC game for every sport (with a book in hand to read during time outs and half times, never while the game was playing) and he was always there to answer questions about Greek, computers (he was an Apple man), other classes as well as any other subject. Old Testament Survey with him was informative (a lot of information), difficult and humorous. He gave me my first NASB. I am privileged to have one of his books that he wrote about the English Bible. I praise God for him and am praying for his dear family. I still use my Greek New Testament.

  2. May Light Eternal shine upon him; and Linda, may the comfort of the Holy Spirit be with you and the whole family. –James