Easter reading through the Gospel of Mark

April 11, 2017

Each year at Easter I am challenged to consider what I could do to involve my family in a meaningful reflection of the risen Savior, Jesus Christ. This year I have chosen to use a day-to-day reading of Jesus’ last days as it is recorded in the Gospel of Mark. The readings go from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. It is a great way to meditate upon the resurrection throughout the week and provide a great family devotion time.

Please see the link here for the day-to-day reading.

One response to Easter reading through the Gospel of Mark

  1. Hi Dr. Wayne Slusser,

    My name is Josh Greve, and I am a former student of Dr. Decker’s at BBS. My comment is not related to this blog but I wanted to ask you about one of Dr. Decker’s blog posts about the ‘ending of Mark’ http://ntresources.com/blog/?p=3933. Dr. Decker mentions in the introduction that he is working on a paper about the ending of Mark. I am curious; did Dr. Decker ever finish this paper and is it available somewhere to read? Thank you