New Look at NTResources

January 16, 2018

As you can see, NTResources is taking on a new and fresh look. Along with this new look, is a new weekly blog titled Greek for a Week.  Greek for a week is a weekly video resource provided for those who want to learn, retain or grow their knowledge of New Testament Greek. The weekly 2-3-minute video provides a translation of a Greek text, and a discussion highlighting important grammatical point(s) that are beneficial for interpretation, application, and preaching.

The weekly blog is set to begin in February.

3 responses to New Look at NTResources

  1. I am looking forward to these videos. Any help, especially from such a knowledgeable source, in maintaining and improving my knowledge of Greek is greatly appreciated!


  2. I’m a brand spanking new Greek student in my early 60s and I’m looking for good resources to help me in my studies. I am very appreciative of the nice blog that you have going here and look forward in anticipation to your weekly videos. Thank you very much.

  3. Thanks Michael. This is the purpose behind the videos, to assist others in their knowledge, review, and retention of Greek.

    Dr. S.