Quotable: Cranfield on theology of Mark

July 12, 2009

Just ran across this in the (often neglected) back pages of Cranfield’s good commentary on Mark (Cambridge Greek Testament Comm., 1977 ed.):

Mark … tried to state the facts of what he believed to be God’s self-revelation as accurately as he could, refraining from all attempts at improving on them by artistry, precisely because he was a serious theologian—too good a theologian not to recognize the folloy of trying to … varnish sunlight (479).

And again,

Much of value has been contributed [i.e., in the last decade or so on ‘the theology of Mark’]. But the student who is about to engage in an exploration of this literature will be well advised to make sure that his equipment includes a considerable supply of grana salis (480–81).

(Even without Latin fluency grana salis should be obvious! πŸ™‚ And if not, Google can resolve your perplexity.)

One response to Quotable: Cranfield on theology of Mark

  1. While the answer seemed obvious to me, I still googled the phrase. I could not find anything quickly with that spelling but I did under “granO salis.” Looking at Cranfield’s commentary showed me “grana salis” and a number of other books (using google books) have the same phrase but the more common rendering seems to be “grano salis.” Perhaps one of your readers with a more classical education (e.g. has the initials CWC) could give us a more definitive answer. πŸ™‚