Online books for Greek study

November 30, 2007

I just discovered Carnegie Mellon University’s free online Universal Digital Library with 1.5 million vols in scanned format, about 360,000 in English (others are in Chinese, Arabic, etc.). Many of these are older works, but it’s surprising what turned up in just a few quick searches. There are some significant works listed (esp. the MHT grammar, or ATR, etc.) There are some drawbacks: it is slow–but then it was just “Slashdotted” and that typically puts a heavy load on any links listed. It’s not particularly Mac-friendly; my guess is that Windows may work better, but I haven’t had time to try yet. Some vols. are “15% free” items–you can apparently only read 15% of the work on line. Others require a browser plugin that is only for Windows (despite the FAQ which says it’s available for all–it comes as an .exe file…!). Not all books are in the same format, some tiff, some html, some “djvu.” But the promise might make it worth while experimenting. If you discover any tips or particular NT/Greek “goodies,” share them with us here.

Here’s a sample (copied from the search results and tidied up just a bit):

  • A Brief Introduction To New Testament Greek, with Vocabularies, by Green
  • A Critical And Exegetical Commentary On The Revelation, by Charles
  • A Grammar Of New Testament Greek, by Moulton, Howard, Turner
  • A Grammar Of The Greek New Testament by Robertson, A. T
  • A Grammar Of The New Testament Greek by Buttmann and Thayer
  • A Grammar Of The Old Testament In Greek, Thackeray
  • A Greek And English Lexicon Of The New Testament by Robinson
  • A Greek-English Lexicon Of The New Testament, Grimm, Wilke, Thayer
  • A History Of Classical Greek Literature by Mahaffy and Sayce
  • A Manual Of Greek Historical Inscriptions by E L Hicks
  • A Pocket Lexicon To The Greek New Testament by Alexander Souter
  • A School Grammar Of Attic Greek by Goodell, Thomas Dwight
  • A Short Grammar Of Classical Greek by Adof Kaegi
  • An Elementary Greek Grammar by Goodwin, William Watson
  • An Intermediate Greek English Lexicon by William S Holdsworth
  • An Introduction To Greek And Latin Palaeography by Thompson
  • An Introduction To Greek Epigraphy Part I by E S Robert
  • An Introduction To The Study Of New Testament Greek, by Moulton
  • Essentials Of New Testament Greek by Huddelston
  • Greek Particles In The New Testament, by Margaret E Thrall
  • Hebrews In The Greek New Testament, by Wuest
  • Lessons In New Testament Greek: a Secondary Course, by Green, S. Walter
  • Syntax Of The Moods And Tenses In New Testament Greek, by Burton
  • Teach Yourself New Testament Greek by D F Hudson
  • The Expositor’s Greek Testament by Nicoll, W. Robertson, et al
  • The Grammar Of The Greek Testament by Samuel, G. Green
  • The Greek Testament by Morris Jastrow Jr
  • The Greek Testament Englished by William Burton Crickmer
  • The Greek Testament by Henry Alford
  • The Interlinear Literal Translation Of The Greek NT, by Berry, George Ricker
  • The Minister And His Greek New Testament by Robertson, A. T.
  • The New Testament In Modern Speech, by Weymouth
  • The New Testament In The Original Greek by Brooke Foss Westcott
  • The New Testament Rendered From The Original Greek by James A. Kleist
  • The Old Testament In Greek According To The Septuagint, by Swete
  • The Riverside New Testament A Translation by William G. Ballantine