Mark Handbook (& other BHGNT vols.)

Baylor Handbook on the Greek New Testament series

Forthcoming, Baylor Univ Press, 2014? MS was due 2011, but health issues have delayed it; MS submitted Aug 2013; proofing completed Jan 2014. A fall 2014 release is anticipated.

This volume has been under contract since 2005 and I began working on it Jan. 2007 (after I submitted the MS for my Koine Greek Reader to the publisher). I post occasional updates on progress on my blog. The book is part of a new series edited by Martin Culy, of which a number of volumes have already been published. I haven’t seen any official publication or listing for the series in Baylor’s material or on the web.

The list below was updated 8/14/2013 from a list the editor sent me.

Volumes now available:

(See for a see/search inside sample of most of these vols.)

  • Luke, Mike Parsons, Martin Culy, and Joshua Stigall¬† (2010) ISBN: 1602582912
  • Acts, Mike Parsons and Martin Culy (2003) ISBN: 0918954908
  • Ephesians, William Larkin (2009) ISBN: 1602580669
  • Colossians/Philemon, Constantine Campbell (2013) ISBN: 9781602582927
  • James, A. K. M. Adam (2103) ISBN: 9781602587595
  • 1 Peter, Mark Dubis (2010)¬† ISBN: 1932792627
  • 2 Peter/Jude, Peter Davids (2011) ISBN: 9781602583139
  • 1-3 John, Martin Culy (2004) ISBN: 1932792082

So far as I know the following vols. have been solicited but not yet released:

  • Matthew, Wesley Olmstead
  • Mark, Rod Decker (MS finished Aug. 2013; publication pending)*
  • John, George Parsenios
  • Romans, Stan Porter
  • 1 Corinthians, Bruce Longenecker and Tim Brookins
  • 2 Corinthians, Fredrick Long*
  • Galatians, David deSilva*
  • 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Steve Walton
  • Hebrews, Cindy Westfall
  • Revelation, David Mathewson

*The 3 marked above will probably be the next 3 published (after Colossians/Philemon), though I don’t know in what order or when.