Book Reviews & Summaries

  • Review of BDAG: 3d ed. of Bauer/Danker, Greek-English Lexicon of the NT (includes not just a review but also extensive resources designed to teach students how to use this tool as well as additional information about BDAG and photos of the authors/editors). See also my BDAG errata page.
  • A few notes/summary of the new (2004) Danker Festschrift (Biblical Greek Language and Lexicography)
  • The Poor Man’s Porter–A synopsis of Stan Porter’s valuable tome, Verbal Aspect in the Greek of the New Testament, with Reference to Tense and Mood (Sheffield, 2d ed., 1993). This link is to a 31-page .pdf file.
  • Review of Mari Olsen’s A Semantic and Pragmatic Model of Lexical and Grammatical Aspect. Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics. New York: Garland, 1997. Review published in JOMAT 2.1 (1998): 110-20. (.pdf file)
  • Middleton in Miniature–A synopsis of the first 3 chapters of Thomas F. Middleton, The Doctrine of the Greek Article Applied to the Criticism and Illustration of the New Testament (London: Rivington, 1833), one of the greatest discussions of the Greek article ever written. This link is to a 13-page .pdf file.
  • Review of Mastering NT Greek Vocabulary by Mark Wilson (now also published in Journal of Ministry and Theology 7.2 [fall 2003]: 127-30) .pdf file
  • Reviews of several recent English Bible versions (ESV, NIV11, etc.)
  • Review of Gerhard Albert Raske, Grammatical Blueprint Bible (series). London, Ont.: Fundamental Baptist Publishing House, circa 1992-. Volumes reviewed: Genesis 1-11; Ruth; Aramaic sections of OT; James; Johannine Epistles. (Joint review with Dr. Alan Ingalls, one of my OT colleagues.)
  • Review of The Bible Version Debate Grisanti, Michael A., ed. The Bible Version Debate: The Perspective of Central Baptist Theological Seminary. Minneapolis: Central Baptist Theological Seminary, 1997. 148 pgs. $5.00. (Contributors: Roy E. Beacham, W. Edward Glenny, Douglas R. McLachlan, Larry D. Pettegrew) A revised version of this book has since been commercially published: Roy Beacham & Kevin Bauder, eds. One Bible Only? (Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2001). (The review is of the original edition.)