English Bible Versions

My reviews of:

  • ESV (English Standard Version), 2004, 2009
  • NIV11 (New International Version, 2011 revision), summer 2011
  • 400 Years of the KJV: An Assessment, [BROKEN] audio link (presentation only includes a summary of about ⅓ of the paper), Nov 2011

KJV-related issues (articles posted on my site and links to others)

Two sources (on this site) of related material re. Bible Translation (philosophy of translation, etc.)

Inspiration and Translation. This is a paper that I presented at a conference Nov. 2004. It is partly a response to arguments (e.g., by Ryken) that a belief in verbal inspiration requires a formal equivalent translation theory. There is also a brief interview (.pdf v. 6) on the same subject with the editor of one of our institutional publications (Paraklesis). Its purpose is not technical argument, but is a popular level discussion. The published article (March 2005) is only about 500 words. The version posted here is the “uncut” interview of about 1,500 words. A revised version of the larger paper was published in Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal (v. 11, 2006), pdf copy.