Class-Related Resources

  • Recommended Bibliography for Beginning Greek Students
  • Supplement/update to ch. 2 (“Off the Shelf and into Yourself: Selecting the Right Tools for Greek Exegesis”) of David Alan Black’s Using New Testament Greek in Ministry (Baker, 1993). Any discussion of bibliographical resources eventually becomes dated and needs to be revised to add more recent works. Since Black’s book was published in 1993, it is long overdue for an update. This is especially true in terms of computer resources, but even major reference works in print are revised from time to time and new works are published which supersede older standards. These notes are designed to supplement and update Dr. Black’s recommendations.
  • Study Questions for Silva, God, Language and Scripture and for Carson, Exegetical Fallacies. These are materials that I have used with second year Greek classes. They may be of interest to others. (pdf file)
  • Elementary Greek Vocabulary (pdf file) This document contains all the NT Greek words that occur 50 times or more in the NT, sorted by chapter in Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek and including the card numbers from both Gromacki’s and Mounce’s vocabulary cards. List updated and revised, Sept. 2006. (The older list for the 1st ed. of Mounce is still available: Basic Greek Vocabulary).
  • Intermediate Greek Vocabulary (assignments for my Greek Reading course as of fall 2004; includes words 28-49X in the NT, sorted by week assigned [coordinated with reading assignments] and then by frequency; glosses have been updated as well) 97K .pdf file. The original list, sorted by frequency then week assigned (not reading-coordinated), posted here is still available as Frequency Vocabulary (pdf file) This older document contains all NT Greek words that occur 27 times or more in the NT, sorted by frequency.
  • Vocabulary for Colossians (pdf file) Specialized vocab. for working in Colossians. Originally prepared for my Exegesis of Colossians class. It lists words between 5 and 27 times in the NT (or 2x+ in Col.).
  • Difficult Primary Verb Forms (pdf file) This chart lists the more troublesome of the primary verb forms [aka, principal parts]. These are the 50 forms underlined in Mounce’s charts and recommended as helpful for a beginning student to memorize. Chart was originally prepared by Ron Hall, one of my students; I’ve revised it slightly.