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  • The Naked Young Man: a Historian’s Hypothesis on Mark 14:51-52.”  Biblica. 79 (1998): 525-531. (Haren, M. J.) Abstract on this page.
  • The Use of Isaiah 5,1-7 in the Parable of the Tenants (Mark 12:1-12; Matthew 21:33-46),” Biblica. 79 (1998): 1-26. (Weren, W. J. C.) Abstract on this page.
  • “The Strange Case of the Secret Gospel According to Mark: How Morton Smith’s Discovery of a Lost Letter by Clement of Alexandria Scandalized Biblical Scholarship” (Shawn Eyer). This article was originally published in Alexandria: The Journal for the Western Cosmological Traditions, 3 (1995) 103-29. (Note: I hesitate to include this listing since the text in question has been generally rejected as genuine, but it does surface in Markan studies from time-to-time; this article presents a lengthy overview of the controversy that may be helpful if used with discernment.) More links on the so-called “Secret Gospel of Mark.”
  • Einf?rung in das Markus-Evangelium (Alfred Suhl, Westf?ische Wilhelms-Universit?, M?ster) Contents in German.
  • Disciples on Trial (Susan R. Garrett; article from  The Christian Century, April 15, 1998, pp. 396-399)
  • “Mark 15,39 and the So-Called Confession of the Roman Centurion,” E. S. Johnson) Biblica 81 (2000): 406-413.
  • Kata Markon (The Gospel of Mark Discussion List): a moderated academic e-list dedicated to the scholarly discussion and evaluation of critical questions surrounding  the Gospel according to Mark. Includes (or will shortly) papers for review.
  • I also have a class page from my course, NT811, Exegesis of Mark, that contains a number of documents that may be of interest covering grammar, textual criticism, verbal aspect, etc. (both my own material as well as student projects). Student projects cover the following passages: Mark 6:1-13; 6:45-52; 8:11-21; 8:27-9:1; 9:33-40.