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This page serves as a repository for papers presented at the Dispensational Study Group meetings held at the ETS annual conference. The papers have been posted with the permission of the presenters and at the request of the current DSG chairman, Dr. Phil Leuck.

If you were a presenter or respondent prior to 2006 and would like your paper posted here, please contact the site owner, Dr. Rod Decker.

2011, San Francisco, CA

  • Main paper 1, Darrell Bock, “Already-Not Yet in Luke-Acts: A Biblical Dispensational Reading of God’s Plan”
  • Response to Bock by Robert Saucy
  • Main paper 2, Craig Blaising, “Classical, Traditional, Progressive: Validity of Labels in Distinguishing Types of Dispensationalism”
  • Response to Blaising by Bruce Compton

This section is incomplete pending receipt of the 2011 papers.

2010, Atlanta, GA

  • Main Paper: Todd Mangum, Associate Professor of Theology, Biblical Theological Seminary, The Dispensational-Covenantal Rift: How It Happened, Why It Happened. Can It Be Repaired?
  • Response: Ron Clutter

2009, New Orleans, LA

  • Main Paper: David Turner, Professor of NT, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, “The Kingdom of God in Matthew”
  • Response: Mark Bailey, Dallas Theological Seminary

2008, Providence, RI

  • Main paper: H. Wayne House (Distinguished Research Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, Faith Evangelical Seminary, Tacoma, WA), “The Future of National Israel in Dispensational Thought”
  • Response: Robert L. Saucy (Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology, Talbot Theological Seminary), “Response to: Wayne House, ‘The Future of National Israel in Dispensational Thought'”

2007, San Diego, CA

  • Main paper: D. Brent Sandy (Department of Religious Studies, Grace College, Winona Lake, Ind), “Plowshares and Pruning Hooks and the Hermeneutics of Dispensationalism”
  • Response: Mike Stallard (Prof. of Theology, Director of PhD program, Baptist Bible Seminary, Clarks Summit, Penn.), “Response to D. Brent Sandy’s Paper: “Plowshares and Pruning Hooks…”

2006, Washington DC

  • Main paper: Dr. W. E. Glenny (Northwestern College), “Gentiles and the People of God: A Study of Apostolic Hermeneutics and Theology in Acts 15”
  • Response paper: Dr. Rodney J. Decker (Baptist Bible Seminary), “A Response to W. Edward Glenny, ‘Gentiles and the People of God’ “
  • Rejoinder from Dr. Glenny
  • Surrejoinder from Dr. Decker

The presenters have “tidied up” their rejoinder comments for posting here. Dr. Glenny’s were in written form (since he was able to prepare a written rejoinder to the response in advance of the session); Dr. Decker’s were in hastily scribbled notes made during the rejoinder. The time constraints of the study group session did not allow time for the surrejoinder, so it is presented here.

Earlier DSG papers

(This section is incomplete; it has just the ones I’ve found posted elsewhere on the web; please let me know of others.)

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