Selected Classic Essays on Using Greek in Ministry

  • Martin Luther, The Importance of the Biblical Languages
  • John Piper, “Brothers, Bitzer Was a Banker!” The Standard, June 1983, 18-19. The full text of this excellent article is used by permission.
  • A. T. Robertson, The Minister and His Greek New Testament (1923; text below taken from a 1977 reprint by Baker; no original publication information given; it is now out of print and out of copyright). This is a valuable book—one that I hope will help motivate you to apply great diligence in your study of Greek. I have excerpted the three chapters listed above from the book; each chapter is complete and unedited. The beginning of each page of the original is indicated by enclosing the page number in { }. Some of Robertson’s comments are now out of date (particularly his references to the tools that are available or yet needed), but look for his attitude toward Greek as a pastor’s tool for handling the Word of God accurately.
    • Chapter 1, “The Minister’s Use of His Greek New Testament”
    • Chapter 7, “Grammar and Preaching”
    • Chapter 9, “John Brown of Haddington or Learning Greek Without a Teacher”
    • For a brief bio of Robertson, see this article.