Oxyrhyncus Papyri 1227 (= P21) and 1077

The following photos were taken during an April 8, 2004 visit of my NT Textual Criticism Class to the Muhlenberg College (Allentown, PA), Trexler Library Rare Book Collection where one of the NT papyrus MSS is housed. The photos are not professional quality, but they give a reasonable picture of two papyrus fragments that contain NT text, much of which is actually readable. Note that this fragment is the entire extent of P21–it consists of only one fragment, ca. 6 x 12 cm (roughly 2 3/8″ tall x 4 5/8″ wide) containing Matt. 12:24-26, 31-33. This is a 4th or 5th C. AD document. There is some basic info and a  transcription on a separate page. There are presently two large photos of P21 here, one recto and one verso. Both are much better quality than those posted here two years ago. Other close up photos are on a separate page. The more legible portions of the papyrus are on the right of the recto, so if the photo runs off your screen on the right, be sure to scroll over to see all of it. Conversely, if your browser automatically reduces the entire picture to fit on the screen, be sure to click the “enlarge” button to see it at full size. (There are also two photos of POxy 1077, an amulet on vellum containing Matt. 4:23-24, at the bottom of the page, along with a group photo of the 2004 trip.) [The original set of photos from our 2002 trip are now on a separate page.]

P21 recto

P21 verso

POxy 1077

POxy 1077 (6th C. AD), is an amulet on vellum containing Matthew 4:23-24. (Photos from 2002.)


Same as above, but photo by Tim Young (2002).

The 2004 “crew” at main entrance to the Trexler Library

(Note the word “library” in Greek, Egyptian, and Hebrew over the door. Three group members are missing, one the photographer, and two others who ‘got away’ before we took the picture.)