English Standard Version

This page contains material related to my review of the ESV New Testament (OT not included). There are several related files linked here. The core content of each is the same. The differences are noted in each case. (Other Bible Version reviews, NIV11)

ETS version, presented at ETS, Nov. 2004, San Antonio

Basic review (This is the short, “polished” version that was used when it was first presented in a seminary lectureship [BBS Faculty Forum, 3/18/04]. It is 23 pages, double-column, single-spaced–packed fairly tight! 380K .pdf file.) This has since been published in slightly edited form:Journal of Ministry and Theology 8.2 (2004): 5-56.

Original, unabridged version (This one is about 60 pgs., single spaced; it contains a great deal of documentation and discussion that could not be included in the shorter version. It is not, however, as well edited, proofed, or polished. This is a lower resolution copy and printing is disabled. It is provided for the additional documentation, etc. If you should quote from the review, I would ask that you quote only the “official” basic review. Wording and specific conclusions there “trump” the larger copy. 479K .pdf file.)

Popular-level magazine review in the May 2009 issue of the Baptist Bulletin, pp. 14-16, included here as scanned images of the published pages due to the graphics and design/layout of the pages. Each is a separate, large graphic file; it’s probably better to right click and download them, but you can view them in your browser with a regular left click also. Page 14page 15page 16.