Biblical Theological Dictionary for Microsoft Word

A custom spelling dictionary of biblical and theological words for Microsoft Word (& other MS Office programs)

The file below represents about 15 years’ accumulation of biblical and theological terms–about 2,600 of them. It includes a great many names of scholars in the field, technical terms (including some German and a few Latin), and some Greek words. (Greek follows a “fairly standard” mapping as used, e.g., by the Mounce font–though even there you might use any one of the several final sigma keys….) The dictionary contains words only, not definitions: it is a spelling dictionary. Since I teach NT, the proportion is certainly tipped in that direction, though there are many from OT and theology as well. Since Word uses a text-only file for this purpose, it should be useable with any version of Word (Windows or Mac) and may well be useable with other word processors as well. The character set used here for upper ASCII characters (e.g., letters with diacritical marks) is, however, Windows. (There are some differences in Mac, but most of the dictionary will be very useable there as well.) I will post an updated version here from time to time. Should you find any corrections, please let me know. There’s nothing worse than a dictionary with misspelled words!

To install on Windows: download the file and copy it to this location:

C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Proof\

or (depending on your configuration): C\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof\

or (in a multi-user setup): C:\Documents and Settings\[userName]\Application Data\Microsoft\Proof\

If this path does not show on your computer, you may need to tell Windows to “Show Hidden Files” (in a Windows Explorer window, select: Tools\Folder Options\View\Advanced Settings\Files and Folders\Hidden Files and Folders\Show Hidden Files and Folders). I’ve no idea why MS thinks such things should be hidden!

(I’m not sure what all the variables might be as to where this file should go. It may depend on the version of Windows and/or Office that you have installed, and perhaps also where you have more than one hard drive or partition [and if so, on which Windows is located and which contains Office]. If in doubt, check the Spelling dialog box referenced below to see where the file “custom.dic” is located and put btd.dic in the same folder.)

then open Word, select Spelling from the Tools menu (you’ll have to have a document open with a misspelled word in it), then Options\Dictionaries; or open Tools\Options\Spelling to access the same dialog box. If you copied the file to the right location, you should see “btd.dic” in the Custom Dictionaries list, but it will not be checked. All you need to do is check that box and then “OK” your way back out of the dialog boxes. (You will also want to make sure that the Spelling Option “Suggest spellings only from the main dictionary” is NOT checked.)

In Mac Word 5.1 (the last good version of Word on a Mac!), it goes in the “Word Commands” folder. I’m not sure about newer versions.


Download the dictionary (in .zip format)

First public version posted: 2/22/01
Last updated version posted: 2/22/01
Most recent (current) version posted: 2/22/01
Download file changed to .zip format 1/10/05

If you’ve previously tried to download and received a “file not found” error, try again. The dictionary file is now in a .zip file that will download more readily.