Oxyrhyncus Papyri 1227 (= P21)

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The following photos were taken during an April 5, 2002 visit of my NT Textual Criticism Class to the Muhlenberg College (Allentown, PA), Trexler Library Rare Book Collection where one of the NT papyrus MSS is housed. The photos are (obviously!) not professional quality, but they give a reasonable picture of two papyrus fragments that contain NT text, some of which is actually readable even in these hand-held, no-flash photos taken with an inexpensive digital camera. Note that this fragment is the entire extent of P21–it consists of only one fragment, ca. 6 x 12 cm (roughly 2 3/8″ tall x 4 5/8″ wide). There is some basic info and a transcription below P21. (Since first posting this page, I have added several additional photos taken on film by one of my students and then scanned. The color balance is different, but may allow greater legibility of some features; you’ll want to examine both. They follow the initial photo sequence.)

POxy1227 (P21)

P21 (POxy 1227) 4/5th C. AD, recto, Matthew 12:24-26

P21 (POxy 1227), recto (closer, but a bit fuzzy)

P21 (POxy 1227), verso, Matthew 12:32-33 (There is very little easily readable text on the verso.)

P21 (POxy 1227), verso

Photos of P21 taken by Tim Young (35mm film, then scanned)


P21, photo by Tim Young.


P21, photo by Tim Young.

The following are candid shots of some of my students examining the two fragments shown above or other papyrus MSS from Muhlenberg’s Oxyrhyncus collection. In the first photo below, Dr. Michael Clark, Professor of Ancient History at Muhlenberg who hosted our visit, is on the right.

Clockwise from left foreground: Tim Raymond, Tim Young, James Gerhart, Rob Kirby, Neal Wintermute, Aaron Kruse, Rich Lucas, and Dr. Clark.

Tim Young and James Gerhart (facing camera)

Rob Kirby and Tim Raymond examining P21

Neal Wintermute transcribing a tiny papyrus fragment.

Neal (again)

Dr. Rod Decker, Tim Raymond, and Rob Kirby (photo by Tim Young.)