Northmoreland Baptist Church

21 Ripplebrook Rd. (may be at 19 Ripplebrook in Google Maps to locate the pin correctly)
Tunkhannock (Centermoreland), Pennsylvania 18657
Pastor Kurt Seboe
Youth pastor, Eric Kisner
Former pastor James Howell (retired)

The new building where they meet is shown above as of November 2007 (exterior complete except for landscaping); the building was completed and dedicated in 2008.

The old, original building (19th C.) was located at the “Five Corners” in Centermoreland—the intersection of Rts. 292, Creamery Rd. (SR2005), Demunds Rd., and Levitt Hill Rd. The new building is located less than a half mile away (take Creamery Rd. to Ripplebrook Rd. and turn right).

Services: Sunday, 10 AM (children’s Sunday School; teens; adult Bible class), 11 AM, morning worship service; 6 pm, evening worship service; Wednesday, 5:30 PM (Olympians/kids program and WOL/teens), 6 PM, prayer meeting and Bible study

From Tunkhannock,
take rt. 29 south about 5 miles, then turn left on rt. 292 for another 5 miles to the village of Centermoreland. At the center of town, take a sharp left onto Creamery Rd. then the first right onto Ripplebrook Rd. The church is about an 1/8 mile on the right.
From Dallas, take rt. 309 north to the traffic light near Thomas’s Market and Dallas High School, turn right on Upper Demunds Rd., when it T’s on Demunds Rd., go left a couple of miles into the village of Centermoreland, pass the Fire Dept. and General Store, straight through the intersection onto Creamery Rd.,then the first right onto Ripplebrook Rd. The church is about an 1/8 mile on the right. (You can also come up Lower Demunds Rd. if you know the area.)

The photos above show the church’s building where they meet. Here is the church itself (i.e., the people!); the photo was taken the last Sunday outside our old building in 2008:

NBC congregation 2008