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Kingdom of God in Matthew

November 16, 2009

The main paper and the response for this year’s Dispensational Study Group have now been posted in the repository (which I maintain on this site).

Main paper:

Dr. David Turner, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

Matthew Among the Dispensationalists: A Progressive Dispensational Perspective on the Kingdom of God in Matthew


Dr. Mark Bailey, Dallas Theological Seminary

A Response to David Turner’s “Matthew Among the Dispensationalists”

I’ve just posted the 2008 papers for the Dispensational Study Group that meets at ETS each year. They are available at the DSG repository page which I maintain. The details are as follows:

Main paper: H. Wayne House (Distinguished Research Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, Faith Evangelical Seminary, Tacoma, WA), “The Future of National Israel in Dispensational Thought”

Response: Robert L. Saucy (Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology, Talbot Theological Seminary), “Response to: Wayne House, ‘The Future of National Israel in Dispensational Thought'”

Some of you have heard word of the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics by now. (I posted my paper from the meeting last week with a short note. This post serves to provide the link to the official Council web page. Most of the papers are posted there along with the official statements from the first session. Some will think these statements odd in what they include and do not include. You need to understand them, not as an attempt to state a formal, complete position on dispensationalism. Rather this meeting was designed to get traditional* dispensationalists talking about various hermeneutical issues that impact the system and have been the object of disagreement or challenge to the system in recent years, or to address major issues on which traditional dispensationalists have not had unanimity. The statements reflect mostly the first group; the second (i.e., new covenant) was only introduced—though vigorously debated! 🙂 —that will become the focus of next year’s meeting). The posted statments are only partial and subject to ongoing revision and expansion. So please don’t judge dispensationalism on the basis of these few comments!

*”Traditional” in the sense of not following the approach popularized in more recent years by Bock & Blaising (& others) which understands the Davidic covenant to be already inaugurated and Jesus already reigning on the Davidic throne. “TDs” (in contrast to our “PD” brothers and sisters) affirm that the Davidic kingdom is totally future.

The past two days the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics has met at Baptist Bible Seminary. This was a private consultation by about 20 traditional dispensational scholars from across the country. For info on the conference, see this news article.

One of the six sessions was devoted to asking “Why Do Dispensationalists Have Such a Hard Time Agreeing on the New Covenant?” I was tapped to present the initial paper and lead the discussion on that topic. I’ve posted a corrected, slightly revised copy of the 21-page paper for anyone who might be interested:

Dispensationalism and the New Covenant (pdf)